The G-Force Simulator was designed by professional race car driver,    

Rob McPherson.


The V8 Supercar simulator's concept creation, development and final product implementation took a little over ten years. Now proven and tested, the G-Force  Simulator is  the only V8 race car simulator installed into the body of a real vehicle.


The G-Force simulator only requires a 240 volt to operate this high level  system and offers nearly every professional race track in the  world.


Using the latest software technologies, the G-Force simulator offers a virtual reality experience  for the driver.


Through the development stage, many professional race car drivers from Bathurst were involved in the testing for realism , and couldn't believe  how close it was to the real thing..


The V8 supercar simulator has also been used for non-professional drivers to obtain their racing CAMS license , and many  of the instructors have been shocked by the high calibre driving level of G-Force graduates.


The final working version of the G-Force simulator now covers all safety aspects of real V8  supercar racing, giving you the tunnel vision sensation of real live racing, but with complete safety.


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